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To sell your home for more money, in less time, and with less hassle, we always recommend the home sellers pre-listing inspection.

One of the largest frustrations during the home buying process comes mid-way through the transaction during the buyers home inspection. Traditionally this is done after the offer has been made and accepted, and then a professional¬† home inspector is hired by the buyer to look for hidden defects in the home. The home inspector looks at 14 major systems including things you typically do not see at an open house. The foundation, the attic, the roof, opening electrical and furnace panels…. When the inspector finds major defects of safety items that neither the seller nor the buyer knew about, emotions run hot and negotiations start all over. This is a horrible way to work one of the largest purchases we make in our lifetime.

Smart sellers take a proactive approach and have a professional inspector come through before they put the home on the market. This home sellers pre-listing inspection identifies any major issues allowing the seller to research repair options without any pressure, or, can choose to disclose these items right from the start during the initial negotiation. When a homebuyer sees that a pre-inspection was completed and the associated repairs that were made, this allows both parties greater peace of mind and allows for faster decision making especially in a competitive market place.

If the buyer still chooses to have their own home buying inspection, which they should for their own due diligence, the issues found by that second inspector should be relatively minor keeping any further home inspection negotiations mid-way through the transaction at a minimum.

Knowledge equals confidence which equals faster transactions that run smoother and allows the seller to be in front of any issues so they are not caught over a barrel 30 days into a sales negotiation.

Call us today to talk about or schedule your sellers pre-listing inspection and you’ll find yourself selling your home for more money, in less time and with less hassle all around!

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