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Home maintenance starts with clean gutter systems. Controlling water on the exterior of the home is a key step toward a healthy home interior. Be sure to clean your roof gutters on a regular basis and consider installing a gutter guard system if you have trees near your roofline.

Water is one of the top destructive forces for buildings. Your roof, exterior walls, and drainage systems play a primary role in controlling the water and directing it away from the interior of the home, and just as importantly, the foundation of the home.

Cleaning gutters can be dangerous if you are not used to working on ladders, roofs, and near power lines. There are many companies that will handle this for you and gutter guards can significantly reduce the need for cleanings.

Watch this short video to learn more.     Good home maintenance starts with clean gutter systems!
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View a quarterly home maintenance checklist here and take care of the home that takes care of you!

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