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RecallTrak an important free service from Evergreen Property Inspectors that comes with the RecallChek program we provide during the home inspection.

Here’s how RecallChek works:
1. Our home inspectors look for the model numbers of major appliances in the home including the furnace and AC components.
2. Using a computer algorithm, the model numbers are checked against RecallChek’s compiled list of recalled appliances.
3. Within 48 hours our client receives an email notifying them if any manufacturer recalled items were found along with instructions on how to get them repaired or replaced for free.

You can learn more at our blog post about the RecallChek Service

It’s that easy!

Best of all, the RecallTrak program takes over from here!  RecallTrak is a lifelong service for our clients that monitors the appliances you have listed in your account, and you can add purchases over the years so they can be monitored as well. A report comes out on a monthly basis to let you know if the manufacturer has created any new recalls on the product, and provides information on how you can contact the manufacturer for repairs. You will also receive a Maintenance Minute Update to help you keep your home in optimal operating condition.

Realtors love the RecallTrak monthly service as it helps them stay in contact with their client!

Getting setup with RecallTrak is simple:

  1. You or your inspector will register you for RecallTrak and upload your contact information, photo and company logo exactly as shown on your website. You maintain this information over the year with your own account login.
  2. The professionally written content will change each month, giving your clients useful information they will look forward to reading.
  3. If your homebuyers only read one email a month they will not want to miss this one from you designed to protect their families from potentially dangerous appliances.
  4. Just book today and watch your Repeat Referral Business grow effortlessly!

If you’re looking for a great way to grow your clientele, this is a helpful, and non-intrusive way of connecting with your clients every month. Best of all, this service is included FREE with every home inspection through Evergreen Property Inspectors.

If you want to see what else RecallChek® offers, you can learn more about their services here.

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